There are 5 ACT questions listed below.  In order to receive credit for answering, you must answer all questions and submit them. You must also show your work on paper and turn it into Mrs. Archer.  If you did not have any work to accompany a problem, you must give an explanation for your thought process or a reason you chose a specific answer.  You will not receive any credit if your work is not turned in for ALL questions.  Please label your work at ACT Test 1#'s 31-35.

Below you will find explanations of previous questions that were posted.

Test Explanations

ACT Test 1 #'s 1-5

ACT Test 1 #'s 6-10

ACT Test 1 #'s 11-15

ACT Test 1 #'s 16-20

ACT Test 1 #'s 21-25

ACT Test 1 #'s26-30